Use of Carezapp Care Technology for Overnight Support

  • Carezapp, a care technology service, successfully replaced waking night support with a sleeping night worker supported by technology.
  • The evaluation demonstrated improved quality of overnight support, reduced disruptions in sleep, and increased well-being for the individual receiving care.
  • Utilising Carezapp resulted in significant cost savings, easier staffing for overnight shifts, and the potential for wider implementation in the care sector.

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland (TRFS) faced a staffing crisis and sought a solution to provide overnight support without constant staff presence. TRFS contacted the Care and Support at Home Tactical Team, Dumfries & Galloway HSCP. Carezapp, a care technology offering remote and activity monitoring, was selected for evaluation. The primary aim was to replace waking night support for a person with complex needs with a sleeping night worker supported by technology.

The project involved collaboration with the family, service provider, social work team, GP, and HSCP. Feedback from stakeholders indicated that the technology improved the quality of overnight support and reduced sleep disruptions. The supported person showed an improved demeanour during the day, with reduced agitation and increased motivation for activities. From a service management perspective, the technology facilitated easier staffing for overnight shifts and freed up 70 hours of care per week.

The economic impact analysis revealed cost savings and a significant return on investment. Releasing 3,640 hours of care elsewhere in the system and an annualised financial saving of £22,584, representing a greater than 10x return on investment.

Key takeaways from the evaluation included the value of collaboration, positive feedback from care workers, improved privacy and well-being for the individual, and considerations for staff impact when planning care provision. Based on the success of the evaluation, discussions have taken place for longer-term arrangements and further testing in other sites.

Overall, the evaluation of CareZapp for overnight support demonstrated positive outcomes and potential for wider implementation in the care sector.

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