Social Care Innovation in Scotland

The Fraser of Allander Institute report delves into challenges and prospects for innovation clusters in Scotland’s social care sector. Research on the National Care Service highlights the lack of evidence in existing literature on innovative procurement practices. While public sector procurement can drive private-sector innovation, hindrances like funding and government policy impact its effectiveness. The study suggests exploring the ANIA Pathway for the NHS as a social care model, emphasising the need for improved data usage, addressing barriers like the digital skills gap, and proposing a social care innovation hub. Despite challenges, Scotland’s innovation assets and universities present an opportunity for leadership in social care innovation, with careful monitoring and evaluation crucial for contributing to the global literature.

In conclusion, Scotland has the chance to pioneer social care innovation due to the dearth of international examples. Emphasising targeted government support, industry involvement, and robust evaluation is essential for overcoming hurdles and establishing Scotland as a leader in this field.

Read the full report here:


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