The Local Impact of Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

Edel Harris, Chief Executive of Cornerstone, writes about the local impact of technology enabled care services (TECS).

With our partners from Carezapp we have introduced new ways of working that help to address some of the challenges facing social care providers in relation to the payment of the Scottish Living Wage for sleepover hours. Overnight support has become an expensive area for Scottish care providers so what if there was a way to both improve the outcomes for clients and use the available resources more efficiently?

We are just beginning to understand the wide range of potential benefits of using digital technology in health and social care: from improving efficiency and maximising resources, to increasing social connections and delivering personalised care. These are all exciting possibilities. But as we explore the potential of technology enabled care, we must equally ensure that its application remains grounded in human relationships and our social purpose: that is it implemented to improve the experience of care and to enable people to live a valued life – a life they choose.”

A blog post from Edel Harris, Chief Executive of Cornerstone and Carezapp Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) partner. Read more on Carnegie UK Trust blog –


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