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Carezapp is a technology enabled support system for care in homes, whether in a person's own home, care home, supported living, social housing, assisted living or other residential care settings

Carezapp connects people and available supports, offering better insights through smart technologies that empower people, delivering real-time information and peace of mind.

Carezapp supports the delivery of person-centred care in a holistic and unintrusive way through a user-friendly online platform and companion app. Using technology to provide better insights that support your frontline people and the people they care for, enabling enhanced care and support, more positive outcomes and more efficiency in the delivery.


Empower People

Real-Time Information

Peace of Mind

Empower People

With carezapp create personalised connections for the people you support. Connect various teams and groups, such as; frontline care and support workers, other care professionals, family, carers, friends, neighbours or volunteers.

Empower people to communicate and collaborate through simple, secure and auditable tools, like chat messages and video calls.

Carezapp helps to maintain connections, reducing social isolation and enhancing experiences, enabling remote wellbeing check-ins and alert verifications.

Real-Time Information

Monitor real-time information from anywhere, for example; daily living activities, the opening-closing of doors, a fridge, a medication box, bed and chair occupancy, incontinence, smoke, CO, flood, room temperatures, breathing and heart rate.

Delivered as a carezapp managed service, utilise sensors and devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT) placed with a home or residential care setting. Aggregating activity, physiological and environmental data on a 24/7 year-round basis, based on the accessed needs of a service user.

Through carezapp's intelligence and personalised rules engines, data is processed, producing meaningful alerts, notifications and insights in supporting people, even when you cannot be there!

Carezapp supports remote care monitoring, helping people to prioritise and focus their attention on people who need it most. At the same time, enabling supported people to be more independent and have more control over their wellbeing and safety.

Peace of Mind

At any time, from anywhere safely check the wellbeing of people you support.

The benefits of care technology have never been more apparent than in recent pandemic times. Providers with digital technology in place have better managed the challenges.

Technology is also becoming more of a necessity as consumers of care, supported people and their families members are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly expect digital solutions.

Carezapp offers greater peace of mind and the ability to be more reactive, proactive and predictive in care and support provided. Care technology that improves confidence and transparency in the services you provide.

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