About Us

At Carezapp, our company purpose is:

Together transforming care and support at home and in communities around the globe.

Achieved through working 'together' with innovative care and support providers and through technology. Our daily focus is on the best ways to deliver positive outcomes for people that need support. Empowering those valued people that provide that care and support.

Founded upon personal experiences of caring, the carezapp team brings significant domain knowledge and tech entrepreneurial experience to the sector.

Andrew Macfarlane
Founder & CEO
Anna Browne
Customer Success Manager
David Park
Business Development Manager

Carezapp is a Vidatec company, an award-winning app development company and part of the Insights Group - a global leader in learning and development solutions. Across Vidatec our people's passion focuses on how technology can make a positive difference in the world. We thrive on creating products and delivering projects with real purpose - to improve people's experiences of life through technology.

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